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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

Nicely dressed in a professional manner, Jodi Arias took the stand again to discuss how her past with her victim Travis Alexander and others forced her to defend herself against the Mormon inspirational speaker.   However, before we speak on today, let me  discuss a few factors that definitely did not help her yesterday.

First, when she discussed meeting Travis she said she was “intoxicated” by his success and the success of others in the organization formerly known as Pre-Paid Legal.  this did not help her because this shows her she wanted the life he was beginning to create.  Again….the obsession we all know she had.  She even became a bit giggly when discussing the banquet where one of the most infamous photos of her and her victim in evening wear. 

Staying on the agenda of her statements, there were also moments when she literally attempted to restate obviously leading questions of her own lawyer.   While she talked more to the jury, she seemed to evade their eyes when both discussing Travis’ sexual involvement with her as well as interactions with him. Either looking down or looking literally passed the twelve individuals, to me this screams both acting and lying.  

The most disturbing statement she made yesterday was one that I could tell was entering into the victim agenda, another straw the jury was attempting to reach at.  “I am not accustomed to saying no” was a response to a question regarding an early sexual experience with Travis; she not only opened the door (or reopened according to some experts) but also to hammering another nail in the coffin of Travis’ reputation.  

This is of course when she had the ability to remember things. After a full day of being literally the reincarnation of a Chatty Cathy doll, she yesterday began to have trouble “explaining” and discussing aspects. She literally wants us to believe we can remember when she went to high school but not just a few years ago.  Another collection of lies from a woman who is making Casey Anthony look like a novice.

One instance that occurred yesterday believe it or not shocked me greatly: When she went to a park with Travis after he said he was “horny”, she had him enter her car after leaving his and did not know what was going to happen next.  How innocent is she attempting to be? More importantly, how stupid does she think our society is to believe her.

She also yesterday began the alleged mistreatment of her victim.  Discussing his hot and cold “playing” with her he was doing, from not introducing her to only fully being interactive over the phone, Travis’ reputation is being destroyed at the hopes of her freedom.  She continued today tearing him and not even giving the respect of the family by looking up.  

Not only during the photos of what was allegedly Travis’ erection, but discussing the sexual encounters, she attempted to play the victim even to the point of, to me, attempting to say she was at times an unwilling recipient who was “conflicted” to reciprocate things such as the photo.  

In the end, it was literally a free therapy session for Jodi and we are just here for her own ride.  While there was whispers that the alleged tape would be played today, it wasn’t.  To me I feel that this Hail Mary is failing moment after moment. We will see in the end if it made any impact, but personally, I don’t see it. 


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