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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

Day two of what I have to call one of the most droll yet most eye-catching events of the Jodi Arias trial, her own testimony, was a bit more interesting than day one; however, it is the previous day that is strangest to me for one obvious reason: It didn’t work.

Arias is on trial for shooting her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander in the head, slashing his throat and stabbing him multiple times before leaving him to be found by friends days later.  While it was a very interesting discussion on what may be the background of this “pretty” killer (reminder here: we are listening to who we know is a liar), there are many reasons why it was to many experts and myself a waste of time.  As she sat on the stand, she once again looked like someone who loved the attention and the attention, in some arenas, love her back.  She discussed nervousness but looked and acted the same way she had during so many news interviews.  In the end, the events she discussed, while prospectively important to her and her defense, to me made no real impact.

First, we must realize that despite the possible horror of her allegedly abusive relationships, she got out of the relationships successfully.  She said time and time again how she moved on, got stronger and even took a vacation to clear her head after a particular situation.  This to me shows a woman who not only knew how to get out abuse but also how to stay out.  We also must remind ourselves also that she at the time was not in a full relationship with Travis and was in fact miles away from his home.  Friends of Travis even said he was moving on and looking again for “Mrs. Alexander” whom he knew was not going to be Jodi.

Returning to the aspect of her previous love lives, it is of course highlighted that she said in her testimony she was choked by a former boyfriend; this as everyone can blatantly see is an attempt to say the attack on Travis was a reverb of the cheating and the choking. However, aside from the previous destruction of the cheating, studies show events such as the attack need to occur over and over again in order to really require the ability for any threatening response such as the one that led to Travis’ death.  Further, aside from the fact that the attack on Travis was literally years after the choking, (I am SHOCKED why this has not been heightened more) in one of her now infamous interviews she says “I never felt threatened by Travis”.  Was that said because she was considering suicide? I do not think so.

Now that we have destroyed the defense’s main agendas, let us return to the “suicide excuse” for a moment.  She stated yesterday that she said no jury would convict her because she was planning to commit suicide. This doesn’t even  hold a drop of water. If you watch the segment in question, you see she smilingly discusses her innocence and even giggles a little after making the “mark my words” comment.  This is not someone who is contemplating suicide…this is someone who is believing in her own lies.

Personally, and I stand by this statement, I believe she is accepted the fact that she is probably going to be put to death. She has not only become quite busy and educated behind bars but if you notice she is lacking in any real emotion, minus the crocodile tears she is now famous for.  She knows she finished her biggest want: to make sure Travis doesn’t ever belong to anyone else, and I believe is now fully content and ready for the aftermath. In fact, I believe this is the reason her own mom seems to be calm and at times seems to look like she is watching a movie, even when she is discussed as an abusive parent.

In the end the lacking within this testimony so far is scarily unsurprising to me. At the end of this trial, I pray that it is realized that she planned and carried out the murder of an innocent man and hopefully she will pay the final consequences.


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