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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

During this entire trial, it has been common knowledge that their agenda was going to be blaming Travis Alexander for his own brutal murder.  In the past week however, while the defense may have possibly shown a bit of Travis’ issues, it was the Prosecution which got the real attention.

            First, the defense attempted to portray the supposed dangerous relationship Arias was in when they placed on the stand Prepaid Legal (now Legal Shield) Executive Director Gus Searcy who, while mentoring Arias’ involvement in the company where she met Alexander, witnessed Arias crying and shaking after a call with her victim.  Searcy did not fully comment as to the reason why Arias was upset but did say it was after speaking to Travis.

            To portray a lack of violence via their client, Arias’ ex-boyfriend Darryl Brewer discussed how her side of the relationship with him never became as heightened as the prosecution is portraying her part in the relationship with Alexander.  He did say however, that the photography enthusiast standing trial did change after joining the company where she met Alexander.  She became more irresponsible financially, missing payments on bills, got breast implants and in 2006 told Brewer they had to stop having sex because she was saving herself for her future husband.  The two have remained friends and Arias even borrowed gas cans for the fateful trip from Brewer and even called him after Alexander’s death where she portrayed concerns over his death.

              While these testimonies are intriguing in their own right, it was the prosecutorial cross examination of another member of the defense’s witness list which really made the most memorable impact. Continuing to attack the victim, the defense called Alexander’s former girlfriend, Lisa Daidone, on the stand to show attempted to show him as a cheater.  They succeeded in Diadone’s ability to state that Alexander cheated on her with  Arias while still portraying himself as a Mormon virgin.  When the prosecution began to question her, the case suddenly took a step that stirred a lot more than they probably wanted. 

            Without any warning, prosecutor Juan Martinez flashed a photo showing the now famous “smiley-face”, as former Prosecutor Nancy Grace called it, slash across Travis Alexander’s throat.  Not only was the witness taken aback by the photograph as well as Arias who immediately hid her face with her long hair and hands, but the sisters of Travis Alexander also began to cry, an outburst that even lead one to storm out of the courtroom.  After presenting the photo, Martinez asked if Alexander’s “behavior” warranted  his deserving to be killed in the way he was.

            While dramatic, the action according to some experts say this may backfire on the jury as an emotion-reaching tactic and possibly inhumane. However, I have to disagree. It is the, as Arias herself put it, “heinous” and heartless attack that needs to continually be put in the jury’s mind, especially as the defense attempts to rip  him to shreds in the grave.  This is a first degree murder case and therefore needs to show the both  “heinous” activity as well a full lack of fault on the victim’s part.  Right now the defense is attempting to take the jury’s mind off the attack and toward Alexander as a horrid and dangerous person. The prosecution wants them to keep their eye on the real ball: Arias premeditative and brutal murder of Travis. 

            The only thing I disagree with on any level is the lack of warning. I believe that would have not only given some tact but also allowed the witness and family to ready themselves. Otherwise, to me, it was nothing more than a lawyer returning his jury to the real story.  


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