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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

During and after her trial, we have watched the tribulations of what I call an un-convicted child killer, Ms. Casey Anthony. Most recently she has been in the news for two items: Winning the fight to get her 4 convictions lowered to two and claiming bankruptcy. While many would consider one a win and the latter a loss, I have to fully disagree with the latter’s perspective agenda.

You may not remember this but last year, there are two lawsuits placed against her: One from a young woman named Zenaida Gonzalez and the other from the missing persons organization Equisearch. The latter actually allowed us to finally here via a questionnaire that she truly knew her child was not missing.  However, thanks to the bankruptcy, there is the strong possibility that no real aftermath will fully occur via these suits. Both of the suits are based on financially needing agenda; if one is legally bankrupt, not much can come from that stone.

Legally and thankfully, this seems to only postpone at least the case against her by the person who was accused of being Zanny the Nanny. Gonzalez’s attorney Matt Morgan recently said, “The most recent filling appears to be yet another calculated delay tactic; we are not deterred and will stay the course.”

Another reason why this is a plus for the most hated woman in America; a clean slate. Now show owes literally everyone not a cent, from her lawyers to anyone else she may have come to owe including now infamous criminal attorney Jose Baez who made his career off of her, the United States Government and the Orange County Sheriff’s office;  Reports say that amount is near $800,000.

Timing wise, this is literally the perfect time for her to fully start over as it comes both at the same time as two of her convictions fall as well as after the search term “Full proof suffocation” was found on the history of the Anthony family computer recording the day Caylee was last seen alive.

To me, this is more than just another calculating move by a woman who still has not had to fully answer nor pay for her full crimes.  She and her legal team played the nation like a fool and while her attorney begins a commercial campaign about his services and she is allowed to literally move on with a clean slate, he only solace that can come from this, to me, is that Caylee is with God and not with her mother.


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