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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

Since it hit the national news market, I have been covering the Jodi Arias Trial. Arias, as we all know, is on trial for stabbing her ex-boyfriend, slashing his throat and shooting him in the head before leaving him in his own bathroom shower stall to be found by friends days later. There are two consistent questions I see heightened consistently via the public and I want to answer for the public:

  1. Why did Arias wash the body?

This piece of news I have to say shocked me but after reading all I can and watching the interrogation tapes that are available to the public I came to a strange but explainable answer: despite what she did, she loved Travis. 

      A young woman who worked with Arias at a restaurant called the Dr. Drew show and said she was obsessed with Travis and needed to talk to him and “have his babies”. When Arias finally realized that wasn’t going to happen, she snapped. However, the washing, to me said that there was still a strange yet to her strong and pure love for Travis and she wanted to take care of him even in death. 

      There is also a more sinister factor to this I believe as well. In her second story, she discussed how she knew about shows such as The Sopranos. While I believe this was more to get the cops off her own scent, I thought a bit about what those characters did to cover up the crime. Everyone who watched the show can still see Tony and his nephew for instance literally clean a house from top to bottom after beating someone to death. 

  1. What happened first? The stabbing or the shooting?

The stabbing; we know this because there was a strong lacking of blood flow that came from Alexander. If you watch programs like Dexter you know blood splatters after a shot to the head but only if your heart is still beating. We know from the splatter Travis left behind that he was either dead or nearing death when he was shot; to me personally, this shows both overkill on Arias’ part as well as her own need for assurance that there would be no witnesses to her attack except for herself. 

            Bottom line, this was a premeditated and callous murder done by a scorned lover.  Travis may not have been perfect, but he was not an abuser nor was he one who deserved this horrendous deed that took his just evolving life. 


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