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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

This week, former Methodist clergyman Arthur Schrimer was convicted in the murder of his second wife in 2008 while awaiting trial for his first wife; this not only is reflective of the now famous former cop turned wife-murderer Drew Peterson in the sense of two wives but in other aspects regarding evidence.
Let us examine the Pastor:
Wife number one died during what was later found to be a faked car accident and the second (according to the pastor) was found after falling down the stairs with a vacume cleaner cord wrapped around her leg. Something that Monroe County First Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso countered, “That’s staging 101.”
We know the facts of Drew: One wife found neatly placed in the bathtub and the other still missing but allegedly placed in a blue tub after an altercation with Drew at the home they shared at the time.
Lets now look at the connections between these two men:
For one, he admitted aspects such as cheating but not murdering; Drew consistently stated a tough situation was consistently occurring between himself and Kathleen Savio, although he consistently said it was majorly her against him.
We also have the “accident” blame in common here too. Drew stated his former wife had an accident while attempting to bathe. This was even more highlighted in the Schrimer case. Defense attorney Brandon Reish stated “Accidents happen…Sometimes there are no explanations. Car accidents, falling down stairs, falling off ladders. People die in accidents every day.”
Their cover up attempt is also a comparison point. While Drew attempted to stage the crime in the bathroom, creating what I can recall one crime scene expert calling “the neatest crime scene ever,” Schrimer is said to have bludgeoned his wife with a crowbar and then placing him in their car in order to stage a low-speed accident where he alleged he swerved to miss a deer and hit a guardrail.
There near freedom factor is also a great avenue for comparison. After what was finally concluded to be an error-filled autopsy and I believe deliberately flawed police investigation, years passed before the Savio family and in a way his last wife Stacey Peterson’s family began to see justice. Local police in Pennsylvania also treated the crash as nothing more than a crash as usual (minus the corruption of course).
As said before, they are both facing legal aftermaths of two wives a piece. However, here lies a big separator: There are two bodies awaiting the pastor while for Drew there is only one. However, reports are saying that there may be a trial without a body in his future once the first case concludes and that evidence that was used and some that was not used in the case may be seen in this second act.
Further, while the former pastor is facing life, we still don’t know what Drew will face. Next month may actually bring a do-over of the case, although thankfully the hills of evidence will be waiting either way.


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