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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

Today, the state rested in the case against admitted murderess Jodi Arias.  While the jury is given a short recess till January 29th, they were also given this week a great deal of obvious post- meditation activity which Jodi did after she stabbed ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 29 times, slashed his throat and shot him in the head before leaving him in his own shower stall. 

            Today, for instance, a voicemail Arias left on his cellular phone late in the evening the day Travis was murdered show a blatant attempt to produce an alibi and lack of knowledge that Travis was gone for the murder investigation.  The rambling voicemail I believe shows a frightened child attempting to cover her tracks.

            What is more is this shows not only that she knew what she had done but that she knew how to attempt a cover up. 

            In fact, reports say that “someone” accessed the voicemail account of Travis Alexander shortly after he was killed and listened to his voicemail four times.  While it cannot be confirmed that it was Arias, considering the history of her invading into his personal networks such as his Facebook and nobody else was A.) Stalking him nor B.) Interested in him enough to review his voicemail.

            Her obsession in fact was, according to some, obvious even before she entered his room on that fateful day. Recently a young woman contacted The Dr. Drew Show on HLN stating that she was a co-worker of Arias and can recall her constantly itching to talk to him stating things like “I love this man and I want to have his children”.  She even showed the lack of real emotion she seems to carry with other live beings when she left a co-worker’s cat alone in a room for two-weeks shaking. 

            Personally, I think even her diary shows her post-meditation. Entries obtained by ABC News  recently stated that she did not know what had happened to Travis; do you honestly think she didn’t know her diary would have been found?  This woman knew who she would be at least on some level as a suspect, why not state this; two words: Insanity defense.

            Honestly, this defense would have been a lot more believable than self defense. Despite the statements on her side that say it is “possible” for someone to wrap their arm around an attacker and stab them in the back, how does that explain the near decapitation of Travis?

            Nothing I have seen in this case has said anything but pre-meditated murder. Arias lived literally hours away from Travis and was in no way, shape or form an abused women. When I consistently hear of her declaring self defense I think of the woman who PRAY on a daily basis to be hours away from actual abusers.  While I understand everyone has a defense, her use of this makes me sick.       



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