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Bachman on the Bench

Justice…by all and for all

For some days now, my life has been involved in tracking the case of Jodi Arias; I have also been reviewing again the book of Casey Anthony’s prosecutor in preparation for the upcoming Lifetime movie. Today, while watching the case and tabbing the book, I saw a mousey Arias slowly peek to glance at a photo of her victim’s lifeless body. While there was no emotion in her face, I saw as she glanced at the photo you could tell her eyes were directly narrowed at the photos. Doing this more than once, I came to the realization:  Arias is not an Anthony…she’s worse.

Jodi Arias is charged with murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander by stabbing him over 20 times, slashing his throat and shooting him in the head before leaving him in his shower stall to be found days after.

Let’s take the lies aside for a moment and look at the crime. Attacked, chased, dragged, attacked again then placed in the shower to be washed off and left to decompose.  Not only was this a crime of utter hatred and anger, but revenge.  While Casey Anthony wanted to be rid of being a mother, Jodi wanted to rid the world of the one who she believed had done her wrong.

Further, considering she can even “peek” at the photos tells me her knowledge of what she did is not only strong but dangerously satisfying to her.  This is the reason, I believe, she is able to be so active in jail; already she has gotten her G.E.D. and taught herself languages, she has also begun to paint and sell the items on Ebay to support her defense.  She knows what she did and she is preparing for what she hopes is just time away from freedom which she is content with because Travis is not around.

I want to speak a bit about the defense of self defense which she and her lawyers have attempted. Not only are they mocking fun at the agenda within itself by actually suggesting that she wrapped her arm around an attacking Travis to stab him in the back, but they are mocking the agenda of domestic violence.  This is not a defense anyone should be able to place on themselves, especially when evidence so blatant as the items in this case scream otherwise.  If we allow anyone to cry it, nobody will believe it when it happens.  Jodi Arias is no more a battered woman than Casey Anthony is an innocent one.

In the end however, Arias just is a reminder that evil comes in even the prettiest package but can be as deadly as they come.  Once again, I end this with a short prayer that Travis Alexander’s family see justice in the end.


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